H&O Distribution, Inc.

State-Of-The-Art Warehouse Management Systems

Not many companies can say they were founded out of a customer request: but that is our story. Osborne Trucking™ had worked hard to cultivate a reputation of service and dependability amongst their clients, and in 1979, one of those valuable clients approached Orville Osborne to start a warehouse. They were not happy with the other companies in town, and knew the kind of service that Osborne™ had provided them, and they knew that the same spirit of service would translate into the distribution world as well.

We strive to be a third party logistics provider that goes beyond the four walls of the traditional warehouse and works as an extension of our clients. We have a warehouse management system that allows us to keep track of all kinds of product data, including SKU, lot, pallet ID and serial numbers. Offering online web access for our clients, you can have 24/7 visibility over your inventory: here you can run customized reports, export data and even place orders.

Servicing a large variety of customers from the food and beverage industry, to industrial fasteners and chemicals, and everything in between, we never put our customers in a box. At H&O™ we work with each of our clients to discover the warehousing or packaging solution that works well for them. We listen to your needs and experiences, and build upon them together. Our goal is to be a team player in your organization that allows you to focus more on your manufacturing, sales and marketing than worrying about where your goods are stored or how they are shipping to your clients.

Whether it is short or long term storage and distribution, pick-and-pack, repackaging or quality control: H&O Distribution™ will work with you to come up with a custom solution that works for you.