Osborne Trucking Company

Family Owned and Operated Since 1959

Since 1959, Osborne Trucking™ has been providing its customers with reliable and consistent transportation services. Today, we are an asset based fleet providing time sensitive, full truckload service to customers throughout the lower 48 states and Ontario. While we are primarily a dry-van carrier, we also operate flatbeds and reefers for dedicated customers. Our core regional focus is within a 600 miles of Cincinnati.

What makes Osborne™ different from other carriers is our customer service. Most of our accounts require us to be on time, every time: so we adopt those same principles to all of our customers. Utilizing state-of-the-art tracking programs, we know where our trucks are, what hours the drivers have available to them: things that are essential to get your product there on time. We can even provide customers arrival and departure notifications when our trucks are in and out of their facilities. Ultimately, at Osborne, you will not hear “the driver is right around the corner” or, “the driver is on their way.” Here you will get real answers, from real professionals.

We take a tremendous amount of pride in our equipment: equipment that our customers can be equally proud to have delivering their goods to their customers. From safety to cleanliness, we always strive for our clients to feel that we are representing them well out on the road, and at their customers. One of our core beliefs in all that we should act as an extension of our customers: not just another carrier.

Family owned and operated since its inception, you will be hard pressed to find a carrier that takes service to heart more than Osborne Trucking.